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The Advantage Of Table Linen Rental For Specific Scenarios

As mentioned elsewhere, table linens set the tone for much of the décor in weddings and events. They especially set the stage for the rest of the tablescape. When in the market for event elements, purchasing quality linens are important for those who plan to reuse the table covers. However, for some situations, table linen rentals are a much more convenient and inexpensive option.


Table linen rental prices are clearly less expensive than purchasing new linens. There are several reasons individuals may choose to rent over buy. One reason would be that the fabric is a unique color or texture. For example, it may be pointless to purchase bright orange tablecloths for a Halloween party if you never plan to use them again. Another reason to rent could be the amount of tablecloths. For a large wedding, it may be necessary to have 30 table clothes. Renting in this case would save a lot of money. Additionally, it is unlikely that the bride and groom would find a use for 30 table clothes again in the near future.

Just like any other purchase or rental, make sure to compare prices of several companies before deciding on a specific rental provider. Make sure to take the total price into account rather than the base price given. Rental companies often charge a fee to cover any damages to their products. They may also charge a service fee, possibly for cleaning the linens after they are returned.

Support Local Business?

When looking for a rental provider, many people think of local businesses and warehouses. However, there are actually online rental sites as well. They often are a great choice when looking for large quantities because they purchase items wholesale as they may have a larger client base. This also may mean they offer more competitive prices. Again, take into account the shipping and handling price before making a final choice.

Also, when working with an online provider, it may be best to choose a company located in the United States. This reduces the risk of lost shipment and often means better service. Whenever possible, it is also advantageous to choose a company who has customer service representatives that are available over the phone. Although it is not always true, companies that do not provide a phone line are more likely to provide lower quality services and products. Lastly, some people feel much more comfortable when ordering over the phone as apposed to providing credit card information on the web.

Selecting Vendors

While selecting a vendor, also consider their selection in terms of sizing and colors. Check if they offer fabric samples. Having a sample makes it easier to choose coordinating centerpieces and decorations. If free sample swatches are not available, consider renting a single piece with your desired color. Although you may spend a few dollars on it, it may be well worth it. No one wants to pick up rental linens a few days before a big event to find out that the supposedly purple fabric looks closer to a navy blue and clashes with all the décor.

If the decision is made carefully, linen rentals can save a lot of time and hassle. Just remember to explore and research all options before spending unnecessary money.

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