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Choosing The Best Linens For A Wedding

There are a thousand and one things that go into planning a wedding. A large part of the planning time is spent on the making sure the reception venue looks absolutely perfect. That means spending hours sketching décor ideas for backdrops and centerpieces and gift tables. It means thoroughly searching stores for good deals on anything and everything that matches your color palette. It means late nights working out the seating arrangement after all the R.S.V.P.s have come in.

We’re here to lend a hand when it comes to choosing the best wedding tablecloths. Here is our short and simple four-step guide to determining the best wedding linens for your big day.

1)   Know your venue

Most elements of a wedding cannot be determined before a venue is selected. When you have finalized a contract with a venue, make sure you understand what is included in the fees you are paying. Some venues will provide tables while others will rent them out for a small fee. Additionally, they may have linens available for your use. It is important to know details on these items before looking elsewhere. If the venue offers 8 foot round tables at no additional cost, you already know shape linens you will need (unless of course you are extremely biased toward rectangle table and wish to spend the extra money to rent some elsewhere).

2)   Know your wedding style

Your wedding style is partially affected by the venue- but mostly the style should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. Some prefer to have laid back and low-key weddings while others dream of elegant fairytale balls. Style will affect the color, fabric and size of your linens. For example, if your big day is going to be an elaborate evening you will want wedding table linens that reach to the floor. Additionally you may consider satin or lace accents and may be interested in adding chic runners or overlays.

3)   Know linens

Once a style is established most people want to find a provider immediately. First it is important to know some basics about linens. You can start by reading the other content on this website about sizing. Also do some research to determine if you want overlays, runners or neither. Table linens for weddings can be a bit more elaborate than the average tablecloth used for home use.

4)   Check out your vendor options

The last step is to find a vendor who can rent or sell you your desired linens. Check local listings for and compare the prices to online providers for wedding linen rentals. Another cost effective option is buying wholesale wedding linens. Most times you can get then sell them used online after the wedding. However, prices should not be the only determining factor. Find a vendor with good reviews and quality service. Also make sure they offer some type of samples. Do not wait until the day of the wedding to find that the color completely clashes with the rest of your décor.

Hopefully this helps reduce a bit of the stress behind decoration your wedding reception. Once you have finalized your linen choice, you will have more time to focus on other details. And as all brides and wedding coordinators know, every time an item is checked off the to-do list, your stress level decreases significantly.

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